I promise we’re not biased, really guys.

They did. They broke me again.

The Odyssey says Ben Carson is a crazy grandmother, and by doing so they show just how biased and uninformed they are.

The article.

The theme-song for delving into idiocy.

1. “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

Dr. Carson gave this quote in an interview on “Meet the Press.” Because those who are not Christian could not possibly have moral values, right Dr. Carson?

If you know anything about the Muslim faith outside of “It’s a religion of peace!” you’ll know about Sharia Law. Sharia Law is a loose but fairly uniform set of rules by which the Muslim faith operates in matters of legality. There is already pushes for implementing various degrees of Sharia law in the US, with prominent imams supporting it for America.

What Carson is saying here, and he clarifies this, is that to be a President you have to follow all of the laws of the Constitution, and sharia is incompatible with the US legal system.

But he’s a raging bigot, right?

2. “Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight —and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question.”

Dr. Carson gave this quote as an answer when asked in a CNN interview if being gay was a choice. I would like to see Dr. Carson’s work cited page for that statistic.

I don’t agree with Carson here, but if you follow the flippin’ link they posted, you’d see he backtracked on that quote.

3. “The number one cause of death for black people is abortion.”

Dr. Carson gave this quote in a fox news interview. No, Dr. Carson, the number one cause of death for African-Americans in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is heart disease. Followed by cancer. Followed by stroke. Followed by unintentional injuries. Followed by diabetes. You get the point.

Here’s the thing. If you were to consider for the sake of argument that a fetus is a life, like Carson does, he’s not wrong. Some estimates put abortion rates for black children at 1 in 3. That’s a staggeringly high rate of abortion.

4. “I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed.

Dr. Carson gave this quote in an interview with CNN. Perhaps Dr. Carson is actually right on this one. If Hitler had not taken away the people’s means of defense, history may have been much different. The problem with this is that he is yet again comparing the current government to the 1930s Nazi regime in Germany. No Grandma, Obama is not Hitler.

No he’s not, you imbecilic twat. He’s not even talking about the current government, he’s simply stating his opinion. He has never said Obama is Hitler, you imbecile.

5. “Think about this. During slavery — and I know that’s one of those words you’re not supposed to say, but I’m saying it — during slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought that they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave. Anything that they chose to do.”

Dr. Carson gave this quote in an interview on “Meet the Press” regarding abortion. No Grandma, you can’t compare an unborn child to the slaves.

And why not? His analogy holds up as long as you aren’t an idiot. The problem here is you just can’t stand even entertaining the idea that an unborn child is a living being. Even if you didn’t personally believe it, you should be able to use the reasoning skills of a fourteen year old and say, “Let me look at this from his perspective, maybe he has a point.”

Instead, your mind is closed to even trying to understand the other side.

6. “Like most psychopaths. That’s why they’re successful. That’s the way they look. They all look great.”

Dr. Carson gave this quote while watching President Obama deliver his State of the Union address. A psychopath by definition is a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. No Grandma, Obama does not have violent social behavior.

The article that this is sourced from is a mess. There’s no evidence I can find of anything in it being remotely true, though if someone can find some I’d be happy to retract this.

7. “You know Obamacare is really I think the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. And it is in a way, it is slavery in a way, because it is making all of us subservient to the government, and it was never about health care. It was about control.”

Dr. Carson gave this quote at the Values Voter Summit in 2013. No Grandma, Obama is not trying to enslave us all.

It’s not really surprising that he would equate socialism to slavery. Carson’s a capitalist, and capitalism and socialism don’t work together. Socialism is completely reliant on the government to work (outside of collectivist society [like those exist]). Without a government to redistribute wealth or healthcare, there can be no socialist system, and in order for it to work in the first place it has to be mandated by the government. I don’t want socialist medicine any more than I do social security.

Having your wages taken by the government to be given to someone else is a lot closer to slavery than you might think.

8. “There comes a time when people with values simply have to stand up. Think about Nazi Germany. Most of those people did not believe in what Hitler was doing. But did they speak up? Did they stand up for what they believe in? They did not, and you saw what happened.”

Dr. Carson speaking yet again in this quote comparing Democrats and the Obama administration to the Nazi regime. No Grandma, the democrats are not Nazis.

Idiot, again. Did you know you can bring up Hitler and Nazis and not be comparing whatever you are talking about to Nazis? It’s possible. Here Carson is simply bringing up a point in recent history where standing up for beliefs could have made a huge difference.

9. “Because 9/11 is an isolated incident. Things that are isolated issues as opposed to things that fundamentally change the United States of America and shift power from the people to the government. That is a huge shift. You have to take a long-term look at something that fundamentally changes the power structure of America.”

In this quote, Dr. Carson is comparing the long-term effects of Obamacare and 9/11. It appears he is claiming that Obamacare is a worse incident than 9/11. No Grandma, Obamacare is not worse than 9/11.

Refer back to 7.

I would disagree with Carson’s statement, I believe that 9/11 did change America fundamentally, (heyo Patriot Act) but what you’re saying is so daft that I can’t help but be baffled by your idiocy.

10. “You look at some of these caves and things out there one drone strike, boom, and they’re gone.”

Dr. Carson gave this quote while referring to illegal immigration and the caves surrounding the Mexican-American border. No Grandma, you can’t just blow up the immigrants.

You don’t even look at your sources do you?

11. “I actually have something I would use the Department of Education to do. It would be to monitor our institutions of higher education for extreme political bias and deny it federal funding if it exists.”

Dr. Carson gave this quote most recently in an interview on the Glenn Beck radio program while speaking on how universities may be teaching the younger generation political ideas that don’t quite agree with his. No Grandma, you can’t turn public colleges into “1984.”

Once again I don’t really agree with Carson, but it’s undeniable that there’s a huge bias towards the left on college campuses.

Liberal speakers outnumber conservatives 6-1 on commencement.

“You’re dealing with administration who are all of one opinion and that becomes the norm. Students are here to learn; they aren’t here to debate.”

Students barred from listening in for not being democrats.


The Junior Anti-Sex League

People who spend a lot of time in anti-progressive circles often come across the comparison of modern day authoritarian progressives to the totalitarian state depicted in Orwell’s 1984. It can get a bit tiresome, but progressives make it so easy to compare.

Here‘s an article by the Telegraph entitled: “The ‘sexist’ words your children are no longer allowed to use at school”.

Children as young as five are going to be admonished for using language that enforces gender stereotypes as new guidelines are sent to every school in England this Tuesday.

Language policing is every progressives favorite pastime. Whether it’s replacing a functioning dictionary definition with ideological rot or shaming people for not conforming to their ideology, progressives think language policing is double-plus-good.

In response, some schools are creating volunteer squads of girls to police sexist attitudes and report back to teachers.

I don’t feel like I even need to make a reference to 1984. I think it makes it for itself.

School students are no longer allowed to use sexist language to bait each other in the playground, such as “man up” and “go make me a sandwich”, and head teachers are being urged to ensure that sexist language is taken as seriously as racist language.

If you would “man up” you’d get over being upset by this. Nobody seriously says “go make me a sandwich”, it’s all a bit of banter. What other phrases get your knickers in a twist? Is it that one?

Boys are twice as likely to study maths, three times as likely to study further maths and more than four times as likely to take A-level physics.

The stereotypes hold true with the ‘female’ subjects as well; twice as many girls studied English A-level as boys in 2014 while 70% of psychology A-level students were women.

What you have here is iron-clad proof that the gender pay gap is garbage for the simple fact that a job in the real world involving physics pays better than a job teaching English. There are three solutions to this problem:

  1. Have these jobs all pay the same rate (good luck getting anyone to go into the harder fields then)
  2. Force everyone into government assigned jobs in order to create equality of outcome (thanks Stalin)
  3. Recognize that men and women are interested in different things and accept that we already have equality of opportunity, and that that’s all that really matters.

On the “Friend Zone” and Sexual Desire

About five years ago whilst I was in high school, there was a term universally used to describe the state of being such good friends with a girl (or guy but that was more rare) that you somehow transcended right past relationship material and became more like a brother (or sister) or just good friends. This is the mythical “friend zone” that many young men and women had experience with in the past decade or so.

Recently, it seems that this concept has become problematic. The implication is that “Nobody owes you sex for being a good person.” This is true. At the same time, this does not negate the experience of the “friend zone”. Why does annoyance with not being considered for a potential relationship immediately constitute feeling entitled to sex? And is there any truth to the oft espoused notion that “Girls only like bad guys, they just want to be friends with good guys”?

The first notion, the correlation between a desire for a more romantic relationship and entitlement for sex, seems like an absurd and harmful stereotype. The implication is that men have no desire for mental or emotional support and are purely creatures drive by sexual desire. The reality is, they’re not. Men desire all the same things that women do. They always have. It’s an astonishingly archaic and sexist belief that men are beasts who desire nothing but sex.

I would argue that the women’s liberation movement did many wonderful things for modern Western society. Obviously women are just as human as men and therefor deserve equal treatment and rights. But this radical and sudden change to gender dynamics (especially around the last half of the twentieth century) has had major effects on the social and intimate politics between the sexes.

For example, the absurd consent law that California signed into law recently essentially means that any sex regretted by one party (and let’s be honest, it’s the woman) can be called rape and is nearly impossible for the accused to fight. Everywhere you see women saying “Why don’t you just teach men not to rape?” as if the default mode of all boys are rapists. Sally Peck says “…We need gender equality so that boys won’t be violent.” Meanwhile the male suicide rate is nearly four times the suicide rate of women. Is it any wonder that so many men are checking out of society? Surprisingly, gender ideologues are just as sexist and callous to men as they accuse men of being to women.

To the second part of the question, is there any truth to “Nice guys finish last”, I would say that there is, and the reasons lie deep in human psychology. In ethology there are three basic roles that individuals play: alpha, beta, and omega. Humans are more complex that animals, so these three personality types aren’t necessarily accurate, but they can still be useful to differentiate at a simple level. Particularly in society we differentiate between alpha males and beta males.

Lisa De Pasquale describes the difference between alpha and beta males as essentially being the willingness to take action. An alpha male acts, and a beta male either does nothing or is acted upon.

I don’t necessarily agree with the notion commonly espoused in a few online circles that being beta is a serious character flaw, I definitely believe that women display much more sexual desire for alpha males. This stems from the fact that human beings are hardwired to look for certain traits in a potential mate, and one of those traits is self sufficiency. It’s not especially necessary for a husband to be kind and sweet, women generally are the ones who show love and nurturing to theier children.

And all of this is not to say that there aren’t outliers, and it’s definitely not implying that men can’t show care and nurturing without being self assured and confident. As I said, humans are complex, but trends do exist. And I can’t in good faith let the concept of the “friend zone” be made into a stick to beat men with.

Rough Day.

Today was one of those rough days. One of those rough days that make you want to quit your job, drop out of school, move to Melbourne and do it all over again because you’ll always have those rough days.

On the way home my trust car radio was playing the album The Grind Date by De La Soul. I love this album, everything about it is amazing.

The titular song The Grind Date came on as I was pulling out of work. This song is real. It’s all real, and it’s a song that today’s generation needs to hear and understand.

Explicit language ahead: You’ve been warned.

“I’m a rhyme artist,
Out here tryin’ to grind my hardest,
Up early so to milk the cow.
Keep my John Deere out here plowin’ the fields,
To keep my John Hancock’s worth up in the now.
Went from hangin’ on blocks to hangin’ on charts
Positions is parta my mission to hangin’ on top.
Gotta get your polly cracker on with them crackers
And them scheisty ass niggas if you like it or not.
I’ve been rewired to work more efficiently in the dirt,
I’m hands on with it all up in my cuticles.
Some try to get off the farm but fell into harm,
Of gettin in the game of those street pharmaceuticals.
But, I was raised in those blue collar themes,
Havin’ white collar dreams cause I see what it means,
And though the meek shall inherit the earth but don’t forget,
The poor are the ones who inherit the debt…”

It goes on and it’s great, but this is the best part. Nothing’s free. You’ve got to work for anything worth getting. Forget welfare. Forget free stuff. If you didn’t earn it it ain’t worth it.

The American dream is live and well, and I’m dreaming it. I refuse to stand down, step over, and step off. I’m going to live a life with a family and a home. I’m gonna finish my schooling, get a job doing what I want to do, make enough money to fulfill my dreams, and I’m going to live my life.

Life ain’t easy. Nobody said it would be. If you want your safe spaces, your trigger free zones, your welfare checks, your empty praises, and your petty identity politics, there’s other countries for you. I hear Canada is lovely this time of year.

America is a land of hard work and hard earned rewards. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Initial Post

Hello. My name is Joshua Ferreira. I’m retrying this blog thing.

I don’t have many reasons for doing this, I just want to have a platform of my own to work off of.

I suppose for an initial post I should detail myself.

I work a menial job that I somewhat enjoy, though I dream of something better. I play many games. I don’t generally limit myself to any certain genre, I just kind of play whatever I like. I read a good bit, especially since I’ve discovered how freeing audio books are to free time. I’m a political hobbyist, I greatly enjoy the ins and outs of a good political scuffle and I pride myself on being less of an idiot than the majority. I rarely watch movies or television, though I have a soft spot for court shows.

So meh. I’m a guy.