The Junior Anti-Sex League

People who spend a lot of time in anti-progressive circles often come across the comparison of modern day authoritarian progressives to the totalitarian state depicted in Orwell’s 1984. It can get a bit tiresome, but progressives make it so easy to compare.

Here‘s an article by the Telegraph entitled: “The ‘sexist’ words your children are no longer allowed to use at school”.

Children as young as five are going to be admonished for using language that enforces gender stereotypes as new guidelines are sent to every school in England this Tuesday.

Language policing is every progressives favorite pastime. Whether it’s replacing a functioning dictionary definition with ideological rot or shaming people for not conforming to their ideology, progressives think language policing is double-plus-good.

In response, some schools are creating volunteer squads of girls to police sexist attitudes and report back to teachers.

I don’t feel like I even need to make a reference to 1984. I think it makes it for itself.

School students are no longer allowed to use sexist language to bait each other in the playground, such as “man up” and “go make me a sandwich”, and head teachers are being urged to ensure that sexist language is taken as seriously as racist language.

If you would “man up” you’d get over being upset by this. Nobody seriously says “go make me a sandwich”, it’s all a bit of banter. What other phrases get your knickers in a twist? Is it that one?

Boys are twice as likely to study maths, three times as likely to study further maths and more than four times as likely to take A-level physics.

The stereotypes hold true with the ‘female’ subjects as well; twice as many girls studied English A-level as boys in 2014 while 70% of psychology A-level students were women.

What you have here is iron-clad proof that the gender pay gap is garbage for the simple fact that a job in the real world involving physics pays better than a job teaching English. There are three solutions to this problem:

  1. Have these jobs all pay the same rate (good luck getting anyone to go into the harder fields then)
  2. Force everyone into government assigned jobs in order to create equality of outcome (thanks Stalin)
  3. Recognize that men and women are interested in different things and accept that we already have equality of opportunity, and that that’s all that really matters.


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