Rough Day.

Today was one of those rough days. One of those rough days that make you want to quit your job, drop out of school, move to Melbourne and do it all over again because you’ll always have those rough days.

On the way home my trust car radio was playing the album The Grind Date by De La Soul. I love this album, everything about it is amazing.

The titular song The Grind Date came on as I was pulling out of work. This song is real. It’s all real, and it’s a song that today’s generation needs to hear and understand.

Explicit language ahead: You’ve been warned.

“I’m a rhyme artist,
Out here tryin’ to grind my hardest,
Up early so to milk the cow.
Keep my John Deere out here plowin’ the fields,
To keep my John Hancock’s worth up in the now.
Went from hangin’ on blocks to hangin’ on charts
Positions is parta my mission to hangin’ on top.
Gotta get your polly cracker on with them crackers
And them scheisty ass niggas if you like it or not.
I’ve been rewired to work more efficiently in the dirt,
I’m hands on with it all up in my cuticles.
Some try to get off the farm but fell into harm,
Of gettin in the game of those street pharmaceuticals.
But, I was raised in those blue collar themes,
Havin’ white collar dreams cause I see what it means,
And though the meek shall inherit the earth but don’t forget,
The poor are the ones who inherit the debt…”

It goes on and it’s great, but this is the best part. Nothing’s free. You’ve got to work for anything worth getting. Forget welfare. Forget free stuff. If you didn’t earn it it ain’t worth it.

The American dream is live and well, and I’m dreaming it. I refuse to stand down, step over, and step off. I’m going to live a life with a family and a home. I’m gonna finish my schooling, get a job doing what I want to do, make enough money to fulfill my dreams, and I’m going to live my life.

Life ain’t easy. Nobody said it would be. If you want your safe spaces, your trigger free zones, your welfare checks, your empty praises, and your petty identity politics, there’s other countries for you. I hear Canada is lovely this time of year.

America is a land of hard work and hard earned rewards. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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  1. grace · October 10, 2015

    Love !!


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